• Disposable bottle: lighter for outing and saves time by simply replacing the milk zip plastic bag (by Mother-K) without having to wash the bottle. Tritan is an eco-friendly high-tech material that combines the advantages of lightweight glass and plastic with high strength and strength, fewer odors, and stains.


  • PPSU Feeding Bottle: with optimized design for easy mixing, feeding, and washing. The wide base helps the bottle keep a good balance so it is safer and more sanitary. PPSU is a medical device material, can be disinfected with hot water, not deformed by hot water and steam, light, and easy to use because of its strong impact resistance.


  • Silicone nipple with 2-way circulation valves, helping to maintain the appropriate air pressure in the bottle to prevent vacuum suction of the bottle and the nipple, help the baby from gas, stable feeding under any direction of the vase. The areola is tightly attached to the lips and the baby can regulate the flow of milk like when breastfeeding. Liquid silicone (LSR) is a soft material that is easy to clean.


  • Sponge brush(nipple and bottle): with the highest density (80ppi), thick and smooth pores. Long-lasting, soft surface and easy to clean. Adopts "Diamond Cutting Technology" with no blind spots, creates a zigzag shape, and improves adhesion for easy cleaning without the use of strong force. The bottle brush has a 360-degree rotating handle that makes it easy to clean the bottle by rotating the handle without slipping. The nipple brush fits snugly and firmly adheres to areas that are difficult to clean, providing a thorough cleaning.


  • Bottle Tongs: help to sterilize objects conveniently. The anti-slipping rubber makes it easy and safe to grip bulky items like baby bottles and cups; convenient serrated tips for holding nipples or small objects; the handle is wide so that both parents can use it without discomfort, convenient to hold and open Detachable for washing.


  • Nipple (1step) x 2ea: The material is adapted for biting. Top grade silicone material for biting and nourishing pleasure. Adjusts the flow of fluid through the teat. The baby can control the flow of milk by itself. Special valve. This system controls the access of the air to the inside of the vial, thereby reducing the likelihood of gastric ailments, bloating, and colic.



  • Bottle 250ml: Tritan body (heat resistant -30 to 100 degrees C); cover, bottom cover, screw ring in PP (-10 to 100 degrees C).
  • Bottle 180ml: Body by PPSU (-20 to 120 degrees C); cap, screw ring made of PP; Silicone SS nipples (-20 to 120 degrees C)
  • Bottle/nipple brush: PP handle; brush head with PUR (80 degrees C).
  • Bottle Tong: Made of PP.
  • Nipple: Silicone
  • BPA-free


Gift Set Specifics 

  • Size of box: 38 x 30 x 8cm;
  • Weight: 750g

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